Water is an essential element that we can’t survive without.  But when we go into our gardens, we waste more of it than we know.

We’re offering these 5 ways to prevent water waste in the interest of encouraging more sustainable practices.  If we all do our part, whether we’re under restriction due to drought or not, our most crucial resource will go further.

1. Deep watering.

A superficial sprinkle is a waste.  Watering deeply gets down into the roots of your plants, making them more resistant to dry conditions.

And the same can be said of your lawn.  Deep watering is more effective and maintains your soil moisture levels, while demanding less frequent watering.

2. Regional plants.

Plants native to your area are comfortable in their surroundings and your back yard is their turf.  They don’t need to be continually attended to and will require either very little watering or none at all.  Much more resistant to the conditions in your region, they’re right at home, so they need less from you.

3. Mulching.

Mulch does much more than just sit there and look nice.  It also helps the ground to hold moisture in.  That means whatever your give your plant and flower beds is well-used.  Mulch is a great support to your soil, as well as attractive, absorbing the moisture and sharing it with the earth.

4. Shape your environment.

Landscaping is something of an art form, as it requires the careful consideration of the types of plants and trees that help you conserve water, as well as look beautiful.

Groundcover is a great way to conserve water, as it requires less, while looking stunning.  Large shade trees are also key, due to the comfort they bring back yard living.  They not only shade the area you love to relax in, they keep it much cooler and preclude the need to be continually watering your lawn and plants.

5. Decking.

Not only does it add value to your home and increase the potential for outdoor entertaining, it limits the amount of area consumed by your lawn.  That means you water less and that’s always a good thing, where we come from.

A deck may also be used to sit and survey your expert gardening handiwork and congratulate yourself for being a true friend to the environment.

These 5 ways to prevent water waste are offered in the interest of helping the environment by consuming less of a precious natural resource, but also to save you a little money on your water bill.  Call it a side benefit!

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