Sprinkler System Installation in Bridgewater, NJ

Summer’s almost here!

The balmy weather we all wait for in Bridgewater, New Jersey is around the next corner.  But is your lawn ready to take the heat?

Not if you haven’t installed a sprinkler system.

And if your lawn isn’t equipped with a leading-edge sprinkler system, you need New Jersey’s most widely renowned sprinkler company!

For sprinkler system installation in Bridgewater, NJ, you need Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company.  We’re everyone’s first choice for New Jersey’s most advanced technology, expertise and service.

Block Star

You love your home.  And a beautiful lawn is key to what makes it a block star - especially when you’re contemplating “resale value”.

Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company is the leader in New Jersey sprinkler systems.  Head-turning landscapes demand work, so we bring homeowners in New Jersey exceptional sprinkler systems and responsive repair for sprinkler system installation in Bridgewater, NJ.

Dedicated to You

For both commercial facilities and private residences, the professionals at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, offer today’s most groundbreaking technologies and superior service.  Being dedicated to our customers is part of the reason they keep coming back.

Our customers know we’ll give them wallet-friendly value and over-and-above service.

With over 20 years’ experience, we’re New Jersey’s most respected sprinkler company.

Our work isn’t just about installing and repairing sprinklers.  We promote strong customer relationships based on trust and respect.

An All-Around Resource

When you call on Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, you’ll have access to a complete range of services.  We don’t just install and repair your sprinkler system.  We get your system running optimally in spring, ready to go with sprinkler system start up.

And if you feel you need to move your sprinkler heads, we’re the experts who can help with that, too.

If we don’t keep stay current with technological development, we’re not serving your needs, so we offer Wifi sprinkler control, a 21st Century response to lawn care.

WiFi Control

The smartphone is our BFF. We’re addicted to it!

Why not use it to remotely manage your sprinkler system?

Adding Wifi to your sprinkler system installation in Bridgewater, NJ allows you to set up a sprinkling schedule and even a watering calendar.  With Wifi, you can access your system from anywhere.  That’s a comforting thing to know when you’re not at home.

With an app on your Smartphone, you have remote Wifi control of your sprinkler system, even from a distance.

A few clicks and SHAZZAM!  You’re in business.

A smart sprinkler system also allows you to tweak scheduling for unforeseen weather conditions, so you’re not watering your lawn in a flash downpour.  That’s ecologically sound.

With Wifi control over your sprinkler system installation in Bridgewater, NJ, your lawn gets the loving attention it needs – wherever you may be.

Professional Installation

When Royal Irrigation merged with Wetscape, we became the New Jersey lawn sprinkler market’s giant.  Now Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, we’re raising the bar and changing the game, offering homeowners industry-leading expertise and service.

Contact us. This summer love your lawn!

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