Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

When deciding on the kind of irrigation system you prefer for your home garden or yard, there are a few factors to consider: efficiency, value, cost for installation, and cost to run and maintain. With all these considered, one of the best choices you can make is drip irrigation, and at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, we know exactly how to install it.

More and more homeowners in the Northeast are opting for the drip irrigation solution over the more traditional sprinkler system, because it’s quicker, more efficient, and saves tons of money and water.

If you’re looking to have drip irrigation installed, look no further: call our experts at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company today.

How Drip Irrigation Works

Traditional irrigation techniques in American homes like sprinkler systems are known as surface irrigation, and these work by splashing water over the entire area. While this is an effective way of watering your plants, it also uses more water than it needs, producing runoff that is susceptible to evaporation.

Drip irrigation works differently: instead of watering the surface of your plants, a drip irrigation system ejects water directly to the roots. This process is done with a small, coin-sized object known as a drip emitter. Drip emitters are arranged in rows and pressed on the ground, with a feeder hose connecting them to a water source.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

  • Save Time and Money: Drip irrigation is much more effective than traditional sprinkler systems. Think of it like this: a lawn sprinklers’ water usage is typically measured in gallons per minute, averaging at 1-5 gallons used per minute. However, the water usage of drip emitters is typically observed in gallons per hour.
  • Efficiency: You would think that the system that pumps out more water would be more efficient at keeping a garden watered, but drip irrigations are actually better at keeping a garden well-fed. Sprinkler systems average out at about 75-85% efficiency, whereas drip irrigation can top 90% efficiency easily. This is because the water is directly fed to the roots, as opposed to sprinkled on top where it can run off or evaporate.
  • Prevents Weed and Disease Growth: Weeds and plant disease are two of the worst things that can happen to your garden, and drip irrigation prevents both. How? Weed growth is promoted by having too much water between your rows of plants, while diseases can occur when other parts of the plant come into contact with water, such as the leaves, stems, and fruits. Drip irrigation feeds water directly to the roots, preventing this extra growth.

Install Your Drip Irrigation the Right Way

If your yard is in need of effective and efficient watering, then it might be time to install your own custom drip irrigation sprinkler. Do it the right way with our team of irrigation experts at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company. Call us today!

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