Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

Irrigation involves any number of services that we do to make sure your lawn maintenance systems are running smoothly. From sprinkler check-ups to backflow prevention, we offer a comprehensive list of irrigation services to keep your sprinkler system running optimally.

At Westscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, our job is to design, fix, and maintain your irrigation systems and make them work for you.

What We Offer
Lawn Sprinkler Service and Maintenance

The complete package for every outdoor-loving household. Our lawn sprinkler service and maintenance covers everything from spring start-ups to winterization. Our team is capable of designing a simple but effective irrigation system that will help you save money and time, while making sure your garden or yard runs lush.

Not sure what the problem is? Get in touch with one of our team members today and we’ll schedule a home visit. We’ll inspect everything from tubes to sprinklers to valves to make sure your irrigation system is fully operational, and make plans for optimal changes for any problems we might find.

Residential Sprinkler Installation

With a lawn sprinkler system, you can make sure that the grass is greener on your side. Automated systems, configured water pressure, and rain sensors are among the key features of a sophisticated sprinkler system. Stop worrying about whether the lawn has been watered this week; with a great sprinkler system in place, the answer will always be yes.

This one-time installation helps you save monthly water bills through an efficient distribution of water. Your system can be configured so it distributes just the right amount of water to every nook and cranny of your landscape.

Sprinkler Head Relocation

Sprinkler systems are installed to help you with lawn maintenance. However, some systems can become outdated and may be due for a second look. Our sprinkler relocation not only involves moving sprinkler heads for effective water distribution, but also redesigning your entire irrigation system to save water and ensure peak performance.


Prevent sprinkler damage with winterization. Neglecting this procedure during the winter can cause ruptured pipes and undue water damage to your property. Winterization ensures that your pipes and drains are completely drained in preparation for the season. This is crucial in preserving your irrigation system and preventing a sprinkler blowout when winter comes.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Water is the lifeblood of all households, and a backflow can immediately sabotage your safety. A backflow occurs when non-potable water mixes with home water supply, creating contaminated water.

In most households, drinking water and irrigation water come from a single system. Undetected ruptures and leaks in pipes can cause backflow that can go undetected for months. Schedule a visit today to prevent risks of cross-contamination and preserve the safety of your household.

Commercial Sprinkler Repair and Installation

Make every impression you make on your customers a great one. With our commercial sprinkler maintenance, we set you up with a sophisticated irrigation system that takes proper care of your landscape and maintains its lushness.

Our experience working with commercial lots and properties of all sizes has given us the experience to calibrate irrigation concerns according to your needs and budget.

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