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It has never been easier to boost the value, security, and appearance of your home. More homeowners around the country and the state of New Jersey are opting for outdoor landscape lighting installations with trusted professionals, who can help turn a bare and dark yard into one that is beautifully lit and strategically safe.

Turn your yard into a true extension of the safety and comfort of your home with an outdoor lighting system that maximizes entertainment opportunities, emphasizes outdoor landscaping, and scares away any possible intruders.

Our creative team of lighting experts at Wetscape Middlesex can help you design a lighting system that will truly transform your lawn.

Brightly Beautiful, Stunningly Efficient

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. At Wetscape Middlesex, we understand the importance of balancing appearance with value, and focus on creating designs that incorporate high efficient LED fixtures.

This keeps the electric bill as low as it can be, while cutting the carbon footprint of your lighting system by over 50% as compared to incandescent bulbs. Our efficiency also extends beyond your bill: we make sure to keep any installation disturbances on your yard at a minimum, preserving its look and simplicity.

Contract You Can Trust

With Wetscape Middlesex, we offer only the best warranties you can find in the industry for all lighting fixtures in our installation. Our premium maintenance plans will also keep your landscape lighting system in perfect condition for years to come, and our designers can help you expand and grow your system at any time.

Call us today at (732) 566-1635 and ask how our creative team of lighting experts can transform your lawn.

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