Move Sprinkler Heads

Moving Sprinkler Heads

There are many reasons why a homeowner might want to move their sprinkler heads. Maybe you are installing a pool, changing up your landscaping, or building an additional area to your yard. In all these cases, you will need professional help with moving your sprinkler heads.

From the most intricate setups to the most basic ones, our irrigation professionals at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, are more than ready to jump in and help you upgrade your outdoor space the right way. We will keep your yard looking fresh, clean, and running as efficiently as possible.

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What You Need to Consider When Moving Your Sprinkler Heads

Moving sprinkler heads in a yard is more than just a question of, “Where do I want my sprinklers to be?” This also depends on a number of factors to keep your irrigation and yard-watering as efficient and clean as possible.

Remember: you need to look at your yard as a professional. Think about how your yard changes – whether it’s a pool, a landscaping change, or an overall area addition – will affect the way your sprinkler heads cover their area. Will you end up leaving some areas dry? Will other areas potentially become overwatered?

Our irrigation experts have moved countless sprinkler heads for countless homeowners, and we ask every client to think about:

  • Sprinkler peak performance, and achieving this by moving your sprinkler heads
  • The best sprinkler irrigation system design for your yard, possibly switching to drip irrigation
  • The importance of a rain sensor for your sprinklers, to save water and time when watering is unnecessary
  • The possibility of adding more sprinkler heads instead of just moving current ones

Common Mistakes When Moving a Sprinkler Head

Doing it yourself is never easy, especially when it comes to moving sprinkler heads. We’ve seen many clients try and fail at DIYing a sprinkler head project, and here are the most common mistakes:

Wrong Depth for Pipe Trench: When digging the trench for your pipes, you need to be precise: between 7-10 inches in underground depth. Less than 7 inches makes your pipe vulnerable to heavy stress on the ground, such as cars and other large objects. But making it over 10 inches will make it impossible to administer any maintenance or inspection without digging up a huge part of your yard.

Using the Wrong Sprinkler Heads: What you may not realize is that different sprinkler heads have different watering rates. The stronger the watering rate (or precipitation rate), the less time it needs to run; the weaker it is, the more time it needs. You need to adjust the timing for each zone according to the sprinkler head, or you risk drowning your zones or not watering them enough.

No Pre-Work Inspection: Before moving your sprinkler heads, it is essential that you know the location of electrical cables or gas pipes that might be in your yard, especially if you’re not the person who installed it. Not checking for these can potentially lead to electrocution or fires.

Let Wetscape Move Your Sprinklers Today 

Moving your sprinklers doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With our team of irrigation professionals at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, we can update your sprinkler heads to fit your new yard in no time.

So give us a call at (732) 566-1635 and talk to us today!

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