Lawn Sprinkler Installation in New Brunswick, NJ

Your home’s outdoor areas are alive and growing.  They need to be given enough water to flourish.

Rainfall usually isn’t enough to keep your lawn looking its best.  And watering everything out there by hand is a lot of work and planning.

The answer is a lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ, with the experts at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company.

We Give You More

When Royal Irrigation merged with Wetscape in 2016, our purpose was to give New Jersey more.  More quality.  More service.  More expertise.

Our extraordinary competency has made us leaders in lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ, bringing our clients the pinnacle of what New Jersey has to offer.

Take Control

Installing an underground sprinkler system brings you control.  The ability to time your watering for the most advantageous time of day to water your lawn and garden is key.

Watering should be done before the sun rises in the morning and after it sets at night.  This gives your lawn and garden a chance to absorb water, before the sun can cause evaporation.

And an automatic sprinkler system means you take control of your time during summer’s most challenging months.  In the early morning while you’re sleeping, or in the evening, when you’re spending time with your family, your Wetscape lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ is watering your exteriors, keeping them looking great.

The Professional Edge

For a lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ, you’re much better off hiring a professional, as there are factors you may not be aware of.

While you can try to do it yourself, it’s a big job.  You need to know, for example, if a building permit is required and whether there are underground utilities which need to be worked around.

Local watering ordinances should also be looked at to ensure you’re making the right decision.  And what kind of backflow prevention are you going to require?

Get the professional edge with Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company.  We look after all these details so you don’t have to.  We know the drill because we’ve been in the business for more than 20 years.

A Trusted Partner

Wetscape is the name to know for a lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ.  Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, offers knowledge, excellent service and the highest quality components.

By working with companies like Toro, Hunter and Rainbird, Wetscape brings you amazing reliability and quality that serves you and your great outdoors for years to come.

You’ll save on your water bill, too.  Because we’re lawn sprinkler professionals, we know where to place nozzles, bringing you less water waste and greater efficiency.

Wetscape’s established expertise in establishing trenchless irrigation systems means minimal disturbance to your existing landscaping.  We carefully consider your future watering needs, too.

Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company goes above and beyond to deliver a labor and money saving lawn sprinkler installation in New Brunswick, NJ that keeps your lawn looking great in all kinds of weather.

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