Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

A sprinkler system can do wonders for your yard. In no time you’ll see greener and thicker grass right outside your window, all because of a perfectly-functional sprinkler system. But all of this hinges on your sprinkler system actually working. There are tons of cases out there where a sprinkler system is broken in some way, and continues to malfunction weeks or months before the homeowner ever realizes it.

If something’s wrong with your sprinkler, call our team of sprinkler repair and irrigation experts at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company today. We’ll find the problem and knock it out right away.

Your Sprinkler System: What Can Go Wrong?

There are many cases where sprinklers are actually broken, but because the homeowner is inexperienced when it comes to sprinklers, broken sprinklers will often keep going for weeks and months, if not years.

To avoid this, we advise that you have your sprinklers regularly maintained and repaired, whether or not you see a clear issue with them. A good maintenance and check-up rate for your sprinklers would be once or twice a year.

A broken sprinkler system may continue to look like it’s working, but this will only lead to dying yards and wasted water. There are a variety of ways that a sprinkler system can mess up, from tilted heads to burst pipes. Here are a few of the common problems we see:

Weak Water Pressure

The weaker or lower your sprinkler system’s water pressure, the less effective it is with every wash. This can be caused by a problem with the valve on your backflow device, an issue with the pump, or a broken pipe. To check for this, we will test the valves while the sprinklers are running, and shut off each entry and exit valve and assess its effect on the sprinkler.

Contaminated Water

When your sprinkler system uses water from an unfiltered, contaminated, or natural source of water (well water, pond water, river water), this actually will end up costing you much more money than you’ll save in water cost.

This is because that unfiltered and natural water is littered with silt, small and fine enough to remain undetected. This ends up blocking your system and stopping everything.

Damaged Pipes

Cracks and tears in your pipes can be the downfall of your irrigation system, and this can happen even if the pipes are “safely” underground. The biggest enemy to underground pipes is pressure.

For example, if a car regularly drives over the ground where pipes are laid, this compaction can end up damaging the pipes. Another issue is plant roots growing where the pipes are and knocking them apart.

Blocked, Twisted, or Broken Sprinkler Heads

It’s not always easy to notice when a sprinkler head isn’t working properly, so keep your eyes open for puddles of water around sprinklers or patches of dry and wet grass.

Fix or Maintain your Sprinkler System Today

Don’t wait for your sprinklers to truly break down before calling in the professionals to give you a hand. Wasted water or plant disease are just some of the major problems you might have to deal with if you leave a faulty sprinkler system unattended.

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